Make the Most Common Ingredients in Effective Face Whitening Cream Products Your New BFF

When it comes to dealing with aged spots, your choice for face whitening cream products is important. Some of the most effective ingredients in face whitening creams, lotions, and gels are not known by the common consumer. We read the labels, trust the advertising, and believe that the product will do what it’s supposed to do.

Major ingredients – scientifically proven as effective – found in face whitening cream products include those produced by Ageless Derma. Such ingredients include alpha arbutin, which helps to even out skin tone and reduce the darkness of liver spots, aged spots, and freckles. Belides are also important, and come from daisy flower extracts. They also prevent and get rid of age spots, freckles, and lighten the skin. Another common ingredient in face whitening cream products today is called BV-OSC, a type of vitamin C. This ingredient protects your DNA, helps promote the production of collagen, and also whitens the skin all at the same time as functioning as an antioxidant.

BV-OSC has been clinically tested and proven to reduce the production of melanin, the skins pigmentation component, by as much as 80%, following a clinical study. Niacinamide is also beneficial as an ingredient in face whitening cream and face whitening products. Niacinamide is a beneficial anti-inflammatory as well that helps protect the skin against free radical damage caused by overexposure to the sun or tanning beds.

A girl’s best friend is no longer diamonds, but a smooth, even toned complexion, especially as she ages. As we age, our bodies chemical and hormonal balances change, which often cause reduction in our skin elasticity, collagen production, and exposure to damage caused by free radicals.

When it comes to dealing with those aged spots, face whitening endeavors, and complexion skin care, choose face whitening cream products that contain the most beneficial ingredients that you can find on the market today.

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